When you stress yourself into self-reflection


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Bwuh?: My Most Recent Experience With Cyberbullying, or "Who Asked Us?"


The first time I held hands with my girlfriend on my college campus, someone took a picture of us, put it on Twitter, and asked “ummm… why”


That’s us, in the center. She’s wearing a yellow dress and a rainbow wig, and I’m wearing all black and holding her purse.

I’ve already made a lengthy…

Yes, please expose this dirty bullshit. I am so tired of these trashy people thinking that not only are they better than people who don’t look like them and trying so hard to match every stereotype possible, but thinking it’s okay to make fun of others. This community college is no college at all, It’s just another secondary high school, full of adults who think that it’s okay to act like immature little 14 year olds.

It pisses me off to even have to hear about this, let alone see these twitter accounts for myself. Twitter is already a big piece of shit, they’re just making it worse.

These assholes shouldn’t be allowed to breed let alone breathe.

(sorry, I had to just rant about this)

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& it sucks knowing that a majority of people would rather talk to what I look like on the right instead of left.

Why? We have the same personality though.

too powerful not to reblog

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It’s like no one knows the definition of “opinion” anymore

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Whatever. Really.

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Those “if you don’t reblog you’re a worthless piece of shit” posts


Jokes on you, I still don’t give a fuck

Do my papers for me

So I can go on to more finals stuff.

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If I could at least touch Mark Ruffalo, my life would have meaning