Thank goodness people keep reblogging GIFsets of this so that those of us in the New Girl scholarly research community (ie Tumblr) can contribute to the International Journal of HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT BEFORE.  In this month’s peer-reviewed submissions:

  1. GIF The First - Her eyes flicking down to his lips, just ever so briefly, as she swallows.

  2. Gif The Second: SHE THINKS HE’S LEANING IN TO KISS HER AGAIN SO SHE TILTS HER HEAD AND LEANS BACK UP AND IN, ready to go, ready to kiss him again and again and again.

This is so characteristic of them. They have a huge moment out of the blue, say nothing, and one of them walks away. It’s like they incrementally have these huge moments that they can’t deal with, and each time it’s something bigger than the last, and they always have to walk away from each other for a while rather than deal with it. I’m thinking of the makeout in QHC, them deciding to call it in EBD, Jess’s finger-guns and freakout after the ‘I Love You’, both of them freaking out about sharing space, and of course the whole mess in Mars Landing of neither of them being able to deal with a conversation about the future. They’ve always come back together before, so I have faith they will again. 

Oh, this was great.

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